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A successful career is a journey

Kyle Pawliuk

Senior Analyst, Commercial Financing

Where I started:

I was living in Kingston, Ontario and working for an engineering consulting firm. I decided to make the move to Toronto and heard about First National from several different people. I applied and landed my first role doing customer service on the residential side of the business. I then moved to the commercial administration team as a servicing specialist, supporting investors, borrowers and originators. From there, I transitioned into commercial origination, first starting as a commercial training specialist before taking on my current role as analyst.

How I grew:

I’ve always taken the initiative to ask for more responsibilities outside of my role. That helped me to learn and keep growing within the company. And I think it was definitely a significant contributing factor to me being asked to assist with our Western expansion and support Michael Yeung, the Regional VP in BC, to grow First National’s presence out here.

The support I received:

At each stage of my career development, management sat down with me to understand my career goals and carve out my path for success. I’m extremely passionate about real estate so I want to know everything that I can. As a result, I’ve pursued a lot of continuing education, taking both internal and external courses. Training is vital. Taking advantage of what’s offered allowed me to advance my career and fine tune the skills that I needed to grow. 

The First National difference:

There is a reason that First National is the number one commercial mortgage company in Canada. We work as a collective, collaborate for efficiency and promote seamlessness between departments. I find it very rewarding working with this team. It’s high energy, innovative, and everyone is willing to help each other succeed. There is an openness to sharing and learning from each other. And even though we’re working, the environment is fun, and everyone, including me, is proud to be a part of something this special.

My advice and perspective:

Challenge yourself. Keep learning. Follow your passion. My guiding principles are simple – pay meticulous attention to detail and ask questions constantly. Hard work and determination pay off. I’ve invested in learning and training, which has helped me grow my career. And I’ve also relied on the smart, encouraging managers around me to help me get to my goals.

Current opportunities

First National is always looking for talented people who are passionate about service and success.