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A successful career is a journey

Luc Melanson

Manager, Customer Service

Where I started:

I started working at First National in April 2011. Initially, I was brought on to create a team of bilingual customer care agents out of the Montreal office. I progressed from Assistant Supervisor to my current role as Manager. As I evolve in my career, I am continuing to expand the team and grow my leadership skills.

How I grew:

Working out of a regional office, I have a great deal of independence. I also receive an incredible amount of support from senior management in Toronto and my immediate supervisor Eddie. I’m always encouraged to present new ideas and have access to the resources that I need to implement them effectively. I also pursue a lot of learning on my own. I have always taken classes, sought out coaching and made the most of the technical and skills training available to me as part of First National’s Learning Network program. Collaboration and communication with my colleagues in other departments has always been a priority as well. Keeping my finger on the pulse of what is happening at First National has helped me to recognize opportunities or enhance my own contributions.

The support I received:

Eddie has been a constant in my six years here. I was the first hire for this team, and we started out as two people. Now we are 13 strong. In general, First National is a great place to work and a great place to grow your career. The culture is family oriented, which is so important when the business, teams and the customer base is always growing. It provides a sense of stability, comfort and confidence.

My advice and perspective:

I think it’s most important to keep an open mind and maintain a spirit for learning. Absorb as much information as you can – from training, your own research and asking a lot of questions. There are so many amazing opportunities at First National all of time. But it’s essential to take initiative and make things happen in your career. A strong service mindset is also vital to success here. Whether we are servicing brokers, customers, BDMs or underwriting teams, First National is known, both externally and internally, for working hard to consistently exceed expectations.