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A successful career is a journey

Satbir Virk

Manager, Customer Service

Where I started:

I began my career at First National as a Customer Service Representative. In this role, I focused on understanding customer needs, providing options and working to ensure client satisfaction. My next role was Assistant Supervisor. I took on training and management responsibilities as well as ensuring call volumes and quality were met. From there, I became a Supervisor, overseeing the daily functions of the department, forecasting hiring needs, conducting performance reviews and resolving escalations as required. In my current role as Assistant Manager, my responsibilities are similar to my Supervisor role, but I have an expanded scope of leadership.

How I grew:

I took advantage of the plentiful training options and tools available to me. It was fairly seamless to transition from one role to the next because I was consistently being developed to progress. I was also always eager and proactive about taking on additional responsibilities to nurture my development.

The support I received:

My manager was an excellent mentor. I always had a platform to prove my dedication and hard work. She had an open door policy and was consistently supportive of my success in every role. Her ability to recognize my strengths and foster my growth helped me to see my own abilities and understand what it really means to manage people. I became a confident manager because I was always empowered to make my own decisions and stand behind them.

I also took courses to advance myself as a professional, including the mortgage agent course, people management and team leadership. Job shadowing proved incredibly valuable for me as well. I learned about other roles and gained a broader understanding of First National’s policies and procedures.

Internally, First National offers incredible learning and training opportunities. I participated in seminars about management and coaching. The Learning Network, which offers professional development webinars, has also been and continues to be vital to my career growth.

My advice and perspective:

I believe that keeping an open mind and having a willingness to learn are critical to career development and success. True leaders are always learning and embrace their mistakes as opportunities to become better.

My path from intern to Manager is the result of embracing every opportunity and working hard. I take pride in my work and treasure my team. Being part of the customer service team is definitely the best part of my job. Everyone I work with has contributed to my success in some way. This team makes work pleasurable and really fun.