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A successful career is a journey

Dinesh Nithiyeswaran

Senior Manager, Application Development, IT

Where I started:

I began my career at First National five years ago. I started as a senior programmer and analyst, responsible for analyzing business requirements and then designing and developing the appropriate IT solutions to meet them. I progressed to a management role, where I now oversee a team of seven developers in analysis, design, development, support and implementation of system changes and enhancements.

How I grew:

I have always pursued additional learning, whether it is IT certifications like Enterprise Architecture and Agile Software Development, or courses offered by First National. It’s also been a key priority for me to learn about our business systems to identify opportunities where I can apply my skills to improve efficiency or performance.

The support I received:

My managers always encouraged me to improve my skill set. I work with my managers on goal setting, and we have regular checkpoints to track my progress. The support structure is definitely there. In addition, I’m given the freedom to work flexible hours so I can complete courses and write exams. And there is also financial support in place to help me cover certification and training costs. Learning is a real value here, and there are many opportunities to advance your skills and knowledge, as well as recognition for that hard work.

My advice and perspective:

I think it’s vital to have an overall plan of where you want to take your career, both in the short and long term. Persevere with your goals and keep working toward them. If you are driven to build your career here, you will get the support you need as long as you show the initiative and will to keep working hard. In your role, you’ll have performance metrics to meet. But create your own as well. Continuously question how you can better yourself and always strive to learn something new.

Current opportunities

First National is always looking for talented people who are passionate about service and success.