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A successful career is a journey

Brigitte Deault

Underwriter, Residential Underwriting

Where I started:

I was a mortgage broker before I joined First National’s Residential team. I started as a Funder. I moved from that role into Fulfillment and then took on my current role as Underwriter. My experience in the industry, especially as a mortgage broker, helps me relate to our clients and understand their needs.

How I grew:

I had great opportunities for growth right from day one. My mortgage broker background and associated skills helped me progress quickly to my current role. But I also recognized how important it was to be open to learning and to absorb information quickly. We work in a very dynamic, fast-paced industry where things are changing all the time. It’s critical to constantly build knowledge and stay on top of trends to keep up.

The support I received:

I am very goal oriented and have ambitious aspirations. My supervisors and team leaders have always been incredibly responsive to my goals and encouraged me to work towards them. That support spurred my progression at First National. I have also always been encouraged to make independent decisions and own them confidently.

The First National difference:

I was given a lot of opportunity early in my career at First National. I am grateful for how far I’ve come and for what my future holds. Client service is one of the company’s most important values. That is something I value personally as well. Everyone that works here prioritizes serving the client. We are all working towards the same goal, which makes it so much easier to connect deeply, collaborate and build strong relationships. Many of my colleagues have become friends because we are likeminded and share a common purpose.  

My advice and perspective:

If you are looking to build a career at First National, learn as much as you can about the role that interests you. Familiarize yourself with the responsibilities and challenges. If you put in that time and effort, it will pay off. Managers and leaders notice people that take initiative and reward ambition and dedication.