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A successful career is a journey

John Fucale

Regional Sales Manager, Quebec

My career journey:

I started in the financing industry in 2002. I joined First National in 2007 and assumed my role as Regional Sales Director in 2010. From my early years in the industry, I’ve learned very quickly about the level of service that existed in the province. I knew that First National’s commitment to going beyond service was going to make us a leader.

Why I chose First National:

At the time (and still today), First National was known for its credibility and leadership in the industry. It had a reputation as a class act across the brokerage industry. I also really appreciated the strong sense of family within the company. Even 10 years along amidst a lot of positive growth, that family feeling has persisted. When I joined the team, I knew that First National was going to be the leader in Quebec and that really appealed to me. I never wanted to be in second place.

Why I like working at First National:

I feel very fortunate to work alongside great leadership. Their trust and confidence give me the freedom to run things like it’s my own business. And I have the same confidence in the organization. Going beyond service is real. We do it every day. If there are issues, I can confront them confidently and rely on our service culture when setting realistic expectations for brokers. I really believe that’s why we’ve been able to grow as impressively as we have. In this industry, it is also critical to be proactive. We respond very quickly to changes in the market and decisions are made quickly and effectively. Brokers really value that. I’ve been able to achieve so many amazing things at First National as a result of the maturity and humanity that I’ve learned from my leaders. I was quite young when I became a Director and I am so grateful for all the positive mentoring that I’ve received.

What's made me successful:

I remain committed to transparency, honesty and strong leadership. I try to facilitate that sense of family with my team and instill in them the values of integrity and customer focus. I was lucky to have witnessed inspiring leadership from a very young age. We had a family business and my father was an exceptional role model. He taught me about responsibility and maturity. He also taught me how important it is to work hard and remain dedicated to consistently delighting customers by delivering the service they except, demand and deserve.

My advice and perspective:

Work hard, be honest and stay true to yourself. Keep it that simple, and the opportunities in your career will be limitless. You will advance yourself and you will move your organization forward as well.