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Wayne Leung

Fulfillment Specialist, Residential Underwriting

Where I started:

I started my career at First National in 2017, first as a Funder before taking on my current role as Fulfillment Specialist. My main responsibilities include reviewing documents, communicating with brokers to ensure funding conditions are met and analyzing credit and employment details.

How I grew:

My aspiration is to become an underwriter at First National, and I’m really eager to learn new things. With my roles in funding and fulfillment, I’ve been able to observe and learn about financing and underwriting. I’ve taken the initiative to shadow my colleagues so I can get firsthand insight into what it’s like to be an underwriter.

The support I received:

My manager is incredibly supportive, which has helped to build my confidence. There are a lot of opportunities to grow and pursue my career goals. Training new funders and job shadowing have proven really valuable to my development. I have one underwriting colleague in particular who has taken me under his wing and is teaching me to think like an underwriter.

The First National difference:

The Vancouver office is a really dynamic place to work, with so many opportunities to learn, gain knowledge and develop. I am lucky to be surrounded by good people who are also good leaders. The work is engaging, and we laugh a lot. While it is a relaxed environment, we are all serious about getting the work done efficiently and professionally. First National was definitely the right decision for me.  

My advice and perspective:

It is important to stay curious. There are always new things to learn about people or processes. Working at First National, you are fortunate to be surrounded by really smart people. Use your colleagues as learning resources. Ask questions all of the time. People are really open to sharing knowledge and helping others develop.