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Kristina Morrison

Regional Sales Manager, Residential Sales, BC

Where I started:

I started at First National in the funding department. My path through First National has been really diverse. While I was in funding, I also undertook payroll for broker compensation, and maintained those responsibilities when I moved into fulfillment. From fulfillment, I transitioned to underwriting. Then I spent a large block of time in a sales and broker service role as Account Manager. My most recent promotion is my current role as Regional Sales Manager of BC, where I’m responsible for all of the Account Managers in the province.

How I grew:

Every manager I had noticed my drive to learn and grow within the company. Each one recognized my work ethic as well, so I was given tools and opportunities to move ahead and grow my learning in different roles and with different responsibilities. 

The support I received:

I was given a lot of opportunities to participate in projects that would help me learn new skills or build my knowledge of the company or industry. I also was fortunate to have the chance to assist or train other people. That was invaluable for me. Each time there was an opportunity to advance, I was already partly trained to do it. So my initiative was both recognized and rewarded.

The First National difference:

We have a very unique culture at First National. People are happy to be here. The friendships we make are real and provide ongoing support in each person’s career journey. We really are a family in the Vancouver office. We celebrate birthdays and engagements. It’s a fun environment. I love coming to work and am proud to say that I work at First National.

My advice and perspective:

Be a sponge. Learn from other people, collaborate and push outside of your comfort zone. I always took the initiative to learn the next job by asking people to cross train me. I would ask for information or offer to help out with smaller tasks. I wanted to be prepared for when the opportunity came up. Growing within a company like First National requires willingness and initiative to do things that help everyone even if those tasks fall outside of your current role or aren’t the most desirable.