Starting Your Career

Are you a recent graduate looking to take what you’ve learned to the next level?

First National values the energy, perspective and enthusiasm of the next generation of leaders and has made an ongoing commitment to creating opportunities for them on our team.

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Lead, learn and grow

The formula for career success at First National

A successful career is a journey. It has a beginning, many steps in the middle and an end. At First National, employees that have remarkable success in their careers have embraced a definitive formula. For them, owning their careers, thirsting for knowledge, building strong relationships with managers and maintaining a constant curiosity propelled them toward their careers goals, job success and personal/professional satisfaction.

Lead: own your career

It’s your journey, and you’re ultimately in charge. What does success look like for you? How do you measure it? Can you articulate it?

Once you know your own personal definition of success, set goals for yourself. Not just one, but a succession of goals, so when you reach one, you can begin your path to the next. And revisit them often so they reflect your ongoing growth and learning.

It’s also critical to be open-minded. The more you expose yourself to, the more possibilities you create for your career. First National is an excellent environment to start and grow a career. It’s a culture that fosters and encourages growth amongst its employees. The tools are there for you. It’s up to you how you choose to use them.

While opportunities are plentiful, it’s important to be selective. Not every role will be right for you. Trust your instinct. Talk to your manager and trusted colleagues. Growing for growing’s sake isn’t necessarily the path that you want to take. By owning your career and being personally accountable for your path, you can take smart, strategic and deliberate steps towards growth and success.

Learn: take the initiative

We’ve had new employees start their careers at First National thinking that their classroom days were behind them. But they always comment on how much they continue to learn on a daily basis at First National.

Most people that succeed here are lifelong learners. They value education and seek out learning opportunities because they understand the value of knowledge for their long-term growth.

Development opportunities are plentiful. Employees have a lot of choice in terms of internal courses and programs. There is also support for employees wanting to take external courses to learn about the industry or develop specific aspects of their skill sets. However, those that truly succeed are keen to take the knowledge that they’ve gained and apply it actively to their roles and their goals.

Employees that succeed at First National also take a “learn by doing” approach. They step outside of their comfort zones. They ask a lot of questions. They take on responsibilities outside of their roles. And they spread their wings to network in other departments and enhance their understanding of corporate policies and procedures.

Grow: managers as mentors

In most cases, managers have been where you are. They took the same steps that you’re taking on your career path. So they are a wealth of insight and excellent facilitators of opportunity.

Build a strong relationship with your manager. Be transparent about your career goals. Dedicate yourself to your existing role, but be clear and bold about your desire to progress and grow.

Your manager will be honest with you. He or she will help you identify your strengths and areas that may require more development. You can then work on those areas, by taking either internal or external courses.

The more trusted advisors that you have on your career journey, the more connected you will become to both opportunity and possibility.