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Starting you career

A succesful career is a journey

Lead: own your career

It’s your journey, and you’re ultimately in charge. What does success look like for you? How do you measure it? Can you articulate it?

Once you know your own personal definition of success, set goals for yourself. Not just one, but a succession of goals, so when you reach one, you can begin your path to the next. And revisit them often so they reflect your ongoing growth and learning.

It’s also critical to be open-minded. The more you expose yourself to, the more possibilities you create for your career. First National is an excellent environment to start and grow a career. It’s a culture that fosters and encourages growth amongst its employees. The tools are there for you. It’s up to you how you choose to use them.

While opportunities are plentiful, it’s important to be selective. Not every role will be right for you. Trust your instinct. Talk to your manager and trusted colleagues. Growing for growing’s sake isn’t necessarily the path that you want to take. By owning your career and being personally accountable for your path, you can take smart, strategic and deliberate steps towards growth and success.