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Starting your career

A successful career is a journey

Learn: take the initiative

We’ve had new employees start their careers at First National thinking that their classroom days were behind them. But they always comment on how much they continue to learn on a daily basis at First National.

Most people that succeed here are lifelong learners. They value education and seek out learning opportunities because they understand the value of knowledge for their long-term growth.

Development opportunities are plentiful. Employees have a lot of choice in terms of internal courses and programs. There is also support for employees wanting to take external courses to learn about the industry or develop specific aspects of their skill sets. However, those that truly succeed are keen to take the knowledge that they’ve gained and apply it actively to their roles and their goals.

Employees that succeed at First National also take a “learn by doing” approach. They step outside of their comfort zones. They ask a lot of questions. They take on responsibilities outside of their roles. And they spread their wings to network in other departments and enhance their understanding of corporate policies and procedures.

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