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Starting your career

A successful career is a journey

Thrive: define your path

What does it mean to thrive in your career? Is it advancement? Is it an opportunity to be mentored? Is it learning from seasoned professionals? Is it becoming a role model?

For us, thriving in your career is about three things: the work that you get to do, the people that you collaborate with and the environment that surrounds and supports you.

Many graduates that begin their careers here aren’t necessarily looking for what they find. They’re looking for a start. Or they heard from a friend that it was a great place to work. But it becomes so much more.

What are you looking for? Because this is what you will find.

When you join our team, you’ll encounter colleagues committed to hard work and dedication. You’ll make friends and celebrate life’s milestones and career achievements together. You’ll grow as a person and as a professional with the guidance of dedicated mentors. And you’ll flourish in a culture of collaboration where everyone wants everyone to succeed.

But most importantly, you will gain confidence and credibility to be a role model yourself, sharing your lessons of support and collective success.

See how you can thrive at First National: