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Client gets optimum financing despite negative cash flow

Feb 17, 2016

Client objective: get optimum financing despite negative cash flow
Like most, this client wanted to get its desired loan amount, at a low rate, as quickly as possible. However, the building in question was not fully leased, adding the complexity of negative cash flow to the deal.

The First National solution: one lender, inventive solution
To get to the client's desired loan amount, the First National team structured a high leverage deal, tapping the First National mixed fund and investor network. Despite the complexity inherent in the deal, the client experienced swift, seamless action and a decreased cost of borrowing ($300,000 during a 12-month period).

The First National approach: executing on what's promised
The First National team relied on First National's strengths – seamless execution, investors, balance sheet and mixed fund -- to deliver on the client's objectives. Structuring a deal like this required the expertise of the larger team to fit it all together and make it work. 

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