Recent Financings

Supporting vision and building businesses

Commercial lending, whether it’s for a new acquisition, renewal or construction project, is competitive and can be complex. The focus is traditionally very transactional, limited to cost of money and completing loans. At First National, we do things differently. We stress relationships. We provide deep expertise. We apply ingenuity to what we do, believing that every problem has a solution.

That is why First National is often involved in precedent-setting transactions. Leveraging our CMHC expertise, broad product portfolio, diverse specialists and responsiveness, we’ve blazed trails in financing new rental construction, general construction and burgeoning real estate businesses. That’s the foundation of our approach – going beyond just closing the deals to supporting vision and building businesses.

Our recent financings

  • Published
    Obtaining funds for future investments
    $28 Million

    182 units – Edmonton, Alberta

    • Loan to value ratio: 74%
    • First mortgage – CMHC insured
    • 40 years amortization period

  • Published
    Repaying existing debt and closing costs
    $12 Million

    48 units – Oshawa, Ontario

    • Conventional First Mortgage (bridge loan)
    • Loan to value ratio: 69.6%
    • Reimburse outstanding site improvement security deposit held by the town

  • Published
    Purchasing share in a property
    $1 Million

    54 units – North Bay, Ontario

    • A CMHC second mortgage
    • Loan to value ratio: 63.6%
    • Purchasing the remaining 40% share of the subject property