Benoit Allaire

Director, Commercial Financing

CMHC expert. Risk evaluator. Adaptable relator.

Benoit joined the First National team after spending 15 years at CMHC with roles spanning management, analysis, business development and underwriting.  Twelve of his 15 years at CMHC were spent working on the financing of multi-unit properties, focusing on the Quebec market.

For Benoit, understanding client needs is the most vital part of the solution process. Identifying borrower needs (i.e: cash flow, long-term value, portfolio growth) allows him to recommend the right CMHC or conventional product to meet that goal. In his view, being adaptable helps him really connect with his clients’ experiences and thought processes. His relationship approach rests on idea exchange, creating opportunities to challenge his own and others’ thinking.

With such a significant part of his career spent at CMHC, Benoit has an intimate understanding of CMHC’s approach to assessing risk and which solutions can best mitigate risk. With that knowledge, he can rapidly evaluate whether a property/financing makes sense or not at CMHC and can explain how to overcome any obstacles.  

Working at First National, Benoit is proud to join a team that he considers to be a leader with a deep understanding of the market. He values the entrepreneurial model, relishing the opportunity to help clients achieve their goals by applying his well-honed analytical skills and his 15 years of CMHC expertise in a consultant role.