Dave Morrison

Senior Credit Officer

Steward of risk. Voice of reason. Balanced perspective.

Dave has been a part of the First National Financial team for the past two and half years, but brings 15 years of industry experience to his role as Credit Adjudicator.

For Dave, his mandate is to ensure that deals make sense. He considers himself the voice and protector of First National’s and investors’ interests within the deal process.

As both precedent setter and follower, Dave and his team are responsible for the viability of deals – price, structure, loan amount, term, amortization and investor(s). His philosophy focuses on three key principles:

  • Service-oriented approach: executing quickly and efficiently for investors and originators.
  • Pro-business: finding the balance between advancing the business and reasonable risk.
  • Educator: work collaboratively with underwriters and provide transparent feedback to originators on the rationale behind deal decisions.

Working at First National, Dave is empowered to triage opportunities and transform them into deals that make sense – adding value by foreseeing where a deal could go, providing all available options and advising on right structure that balances returns and risk.