Adriana Palazzolo

Analyst, Commercial Mortgages

Contributor. Ambitious. Intuitive.

“I add value by using my funding knowledge to close deals quickly and smoothly while always communicating effectively with clients.”

Adriana became a part of the First National team four years ago. She began as a Funding Specialist before moving into her current role as Analyst. Using the knowledge she gained in her funding role, Adriana is able to address issues efficiently when they arise. Curious and dedicated to constant learning, she is ambitious in her desire to grow, evolve as a professional and gain ongoing knowledge. Building strong relationships is a key focus for Adriana, and she prides herself on having foresight to think strategically and execute proactively.

When she’s not adding value for First National borrowers, Adriana dabbles in the confectionary arts, follows international chefs, stays fit and enjoys travel.