David Scapillati

Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing

Change agent. Motivator. Heart of service.

David has been a part of the First National Financial team for the past three years, piloting a cultural evolution meant to inspire and provoke the team to take performance, service and purpose to the next level.

For David, “turnaround” roles have always motivated him. He credits his hunger for evolution and his experience driving it for his astuteness, “can do, must do” attitude and motivational capabilities.

A trained analytical mind as well as an instinctual insurgent, David distills his thinking and action down to three key principles:

  • Change agent: intuition and ability to evaluate any situation quickly and know instinctively the action that needs to be taken on culture, process and results to effect the greatest change with the minimum impact.
  • Motivator: the goal is to inspire every level of the organization to be the best that it can be. This means both encouraging and celebrating achievement.
  • Heart of service: service is a value, where everything begins and ends with the customer and his/her experience. Immersive knowledge about the individual and the business is critical for achieving results.


Working at First National, David is empowered to drive change and is celebrated for his style, which combines business acumen, relationship building, candour, empathy, curiosity and adaptability.