Devin Sembaluk

Senior Analyst, Commercial Mortgages

Analytical problem solving. Team collaboration. Diverse skillset.

Devin is a recent addition to the First National Financial Commercial team, bringing four years of industry expertise to his role.

For Devin, inventiveness and rationality go hand in hand. He takes a creative approach to solving problems, but focuses on quick and efficient delivery, effective communication and transparency in process.

Devin has a unique background, which gives him a fresh perspective on commercial lending and real estate. He was both a professional poker player and commercial analyst for a national financial institution. That’s certainly where the creativity and adaptability come from.  But working with investors has given him a keen knowledge of how to structure deals based on the risk metrics that clients prioritize in their evaluations.

Working at First National, Devin sees his philosophy about teamwork in action every day. For him, a team is a coming together of individual strengths to drive success. He also appreciates the emphasis on balance – delivering what you promise and always managing expectations through effective and honest communication.