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Podcast: Building the Office Boom with Daniel DeMonte of Flat Iron Building Group

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On the show today is Daniel DeMonte, Partner and CEO of Flat Iron Building Group. He started working in construction during high school and has never looked back.

Flat Iron specializes in building out office space. With the office boom going on in the GTA, he is busy. Hear what landlords and tenants are doing with their space to attract employees, clients, new tenants and generally make a big impression.

Topics covered include:

  • What different office users want; from tech companies to lawyers.
  • Becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.
  • Open working spaces and some of their challenges.
  • Where Flat Iron’s name originated from.
  • Banks and other companies transitioning to a more casual atmosphere.
  • What American companies are doing with their offices when entering Canada.
  • The unique design of Flat Iron’s headquarters and how it retains talent.
  • Managing cost friction in the construction industry.
  • Average costs for a full office retrofit.
  • Health and safety regulations for construction in Ontario.
  • Liens as they relate to paying tradespeople and recent changes.
  • Changes that Daniel sees coming to office space in the coming years.
  • Reinventing spaces in Toronto.