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Podcast: Launching a REIT with Jaime McKenna of Minto Apartment REIT

Jun 6, 2019

First National Financial LP


Jaime McKenna, Chief Investment Officer of the new Minto Apartment REIT, joins us in this episode recorded at the Edmonton Real Estate Forum. She is a CPA who previously worked at Bell Canada before deciding that she wanted to work for a smaller company and get involved with real estate.

Jaime discusses in-depth the REIT, including how it was formed, recent deals that have happened within it, and what Jamie and her team consider when adding to the portfolio. We also learn about Jaime’s thoughts on investing in several Canadian cities.

Topics covered include:

  • A history of Minto and its family ties.
  • What happened leading up to Minto’s IPO.
  • The most common question that Jaime has received about the REIT in meetings.
  • Minto’s unit growth since Jaime has joined the company.
  • The current size of the REIT and what makes it unique.
  • The Rockhill property that Minto acquired in Montreal.
  • Two deals that Minto recently closed in Calgary.
  • The major changes that have happened in Edmonton over the past ten years.
  • Where Jaime thinks the best investment opportunities are.
  • The leadership of Minto and Jaime’s respect for Roger Greenberg.
  • Communal living and how Minto is approaching this trend.
  • An affordable housing project that Minto undertook.
  • The timeline that Minto considers when acquiring assets.



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