Podcast: Super-Urban Real Estate with Adam Paul of First Capital

  • First National Financial LP

Adam Paul is today’s guest from the Land & Development Conference in Toronto. He is the President and CEO of First Capital, after spending about ten years with CREIT.

We hear about what it was like for Adam to move from one company to another, including how we has interviewed for his position at First Capital. He talks about the major culture change the company went through and shares his thoughts on building meaningful relationships in communities.

Topics covered include:

  • The moment Adam realized he wanted to be in this industry.
  • Investing in properties with financial help from Adam’s friends in his early days.
  • Landing a role as Head of Acquisitions at CREIT.
  • Seeing an opportunity to make an impact at First Capital.
  • What Adam’s first year at First Capital was like.
  • Changing the culture at First Capital.
  • Investment in Yorkville Village.
  • Shifting the focus on asset classes.
  • Becoming more knowledgeable about the community and building better relationships.
  • Being in it for the long-haul.