Podcast: The State of Property Management with Scott Ullrich of Gateway Property Management

  • First National Financial LP

Scott Ullrich sits down with Aaron and Adam today at the Western Canada Apartment Investment Conference in Edmonton. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Property Management, which is a family business started by his mother and father.

Scott shares his insights on property management across Canada as well as on specifically what Gateway does. He discusses the growing pains of establishing a presence in new markets and how Gateway attracts and retains great staff members.

Topics covered include:

  • Gateway’s first expansion outside of Vancouver into Calgary.
  • The visionary business partners that helped grow the business.
  • The most difficult market that Gateway has entered.
  • The total size of Gateway’s management portfolio.
  • The differences between apartment and condo management.
  • Management fee differences from province to province.
  • Customizing property management and why it isn’t common.
  • New prop tech that Scott is seeing integrate into his business.
  • Attracting great staff at Gateway and non-monetary perks of working at Gateway.
  • How Gateway approaches landlords and offers their management services.
  • What Scott thinks the minimum unit count is before someone should contemplate professional management.
  • Scott was on a panel at the Western Canada Apartment Investment Conference and shares his takeaways.
  • Downward pressure on rents in Edmonton and Calgary.
  • What Scott does to maintain a positive corporate culture.