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Podcast: The strength of a great platform with Peter Senst of CBRE

Jul 15, 2019
ROI and profitability
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Peter Senst is the President of Canadian Capital Markets at CBRE, as well as a board member of CBRE Canada. He has transacted over $100 billion in real estate and joins today’s episode at the Land & Development Conference in Toronto.

Having completed several very large deals, Peter shares these experiences including Scotia Plaza, which was valued at $1.3 billion. Peter also advocates for why the Canadian market is great to invest in for people in other countries.

Topics covered include:

  • The first deal that Peter completed and how it shaped his career.
  • Peter’s journey towards doing deals that are upwards of $1 billion.
  • Why CBRE is selected over its competitors.
  • Scotia Plaza, the largest single asset sale in Canadian history.
  • The global expansion of the Canadian real estate market.
  • Yield in Canada compared to other countries.
  • Countries that are investing more and more in Canadian real estate.
  • Peter’s proudest moments in his career.
  • The biggest challenge Peter faced in his career and how he overcame it.
  • When Peter realized that the 90s downturn was coming to an end.
  • The asset classes that Peter thinks are going to out-perform
  • Investing in people at CBRE.
  • Where Peter wants to bring his career next.


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