Podcast: Seniors’ Housing with Brian Kimmel of First National

  • First National Financial LP


Brian Kimmel, Assistant Vice President at First National and an industry recognized expert on seniors’ housing, has been with First National for over 20 years and has originated more than $4 billion in commercial financing.

Brian teaches us many things. He clarifies the types of seniors housing, discusses trends in the industry and the evolution of the asset class over the last 20 years. He also shares current statistics about seniors’ housing and important advice for anyone who wants to enter the market.

Topics covered include:

  • Brian’s job path and the housing crash of the early 1990s.
  • Doing one of the largest portfolio financing of retirement homes ever done in Canada.
  • The differences between retirement homes, nursing homes, long term care, assisted living and memory care.
  • Financial options for seniors.
  • The rapid growth of retirement homes compared to long term care.
  • “Aging with dignity.”
  • The emergence of amenities.
  • The differences between provinces.
  • Circumstances that are unique to Quebec and trying to bring them to other provinces.
  • Demographics and long term predictions for seniors housing demand.
  • Vacancy rates across the country.
  • Financing seniors’ housing and CMHC.
  • Using third-party managers.
  • The evolution of marketing in the seniors’ housing industry.
  • Advice for anyone who wants to enter the seniors’ housing market.