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2015 at a Glance

$93.8 Billion

Mortgages Under Administration (“MUA”) grew 9% or $7.9 billion in 2015 to an all-time record. By expanding MUA, revenue grows, per unit servicing costs decline and renewal opportunities are created.

$915.3 million

Annual 2015 revenue grew 14% from $803.1 million in 2014 with contributions from the Company’s new underwriting and fulfillment services business, and growth in placement fee and interest revenue.  

Pie chart showing 6%


The ratio of dividends paid to earnings available to common shareholders in 2015 improved by four percentage points compared to 2014 despite ongoing investments and a higher cash payout.

Pie chart showing 44%


The after-tax Pre-Fair Market Value EBITDA1 return on shareholders’ equity in 2015 demonstrates the Company’s efficient use of capital.

1 The after-tax Pre-Fair market Value return is a non-IFRS measure.  See page 12 in the 2015 Annual Report.


In 2015, First National increased its common share dividend for the eighth time since its IPO in 2006 and now pays at an annualized rate of $1.55 per share.


The aggregate yield from distributions and dividends earned by a shareholder who purchased first National on the IPO in June 2006 is greater than 100%