First National Financial LP

Common Shares

Since going public in 2006, First National has been known as a high-yielding, dividend paying company due to our track record of generating continuing income and cash flow from Mortgages Under Administration.

Through ownership of First National’s common shares, shareholders participate in the growth and performance of our business through dividends and the potential for share value appreciation.

Items of note:

  • Timing of dividend payments: The Board’s practice is to pay dividends on or about the 15th day of each month.
  • Payout ratio: Our Board does not prescribe a specific payout ratio but does seek to return of profits to shareholders which result in a high dividend payout (measured as a percentage of both net income attributable to common shareholders and after tax Pre-Fair Market Value EBITDA).  The Board also ensures we have adequate funds available to support ongoing growth and performance across market cycles.
  • Dividend growth: Our Board seeks to grow the dividend over time and based on strong business performance, has increased distributions twelve times since our IPO.
  • Tax treatment of common shares: Our common shares are qualified investments for RRSPs, RESPs, deferred profit sharing plans, registered disability savings plans, RRIFs and TFSAs under the Income Tax Act (Canada).
  • Tax treatment of dividends: Monthly dividends are expected to be designated as “eligible” for Canadian income tax purposes. In general, Canadian investors who hold our shares outside of registered plans should be entitled to dividend tax credits that reduce the after-tax impact of dividends. Please consult your personal tax advisor for specific tax advice.
  • Market listing: Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • Trading symbol: FN
  • Registrar and Transfer agent: Computershare Investor Services Inc., Toronto, Ontario, 1.800.564.6253.
  • Voting rights: Each holder of a common share is entitled to one vote for each share held at all meetings of shareholders. Our common shares have no redemption or conversion rights.
  • Authorized share capital: unlimited without par value.