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Supporting you in unprecedented times: redefining relevance

  • First National Financial LP

With the evolving situation stemming from COVID-19 and measures taken to halt the spread of it, client needs are changing – faster than they can even grasp. People are scared, worried and searching for some sense of security.

It is important to us to continue our conversations with you during this time -- so you know what we are doing and how we are here to support you. It took a lot of thinking and questioning to decide on the conversation that matters most right now and will actually help you – in sustaining your business, in supporting clients and in coming out of this defining moment stronger and ready for a new sense of normal.

Early in 2020, we introduced the concept of relevance to really positive reception and feedback. We chose relevance based on the underlying premise that your clients are real people who care about real stuff.

Well, it’s never been more real than right now.

So what is the roadmap to relevancy during uncharted times?

Originally, we had reimagined the 5 P’s of marketing to help orient you to relevance thinking. In light of the crisis we are currently facing, we have reimagined them again to help you chart a roadmap to relevance based on right now.

#1. Patience: clients are panicking (and rightly so) – they are trying to digest a lot of information and disruption all at once. It is vital that they feel heard and feel confident that they have someone in their corner who will take the time to help them understand and adjust.

#2. Positivity: right now, we are right in it – but eventually, this too shall pass – not without impact of course. Be in the moment with your clients, be compassionate to what they are bringing you at any given time, but help them balance worry with optimism.

#3. Pragmatism: be the voice of reason – tell it like it is compassionately, but continue to be transparent and truthful.

#4. Perseverance: we are all struggling in our own individual ways, but we will get through if we work together and rely on each other. Stress that collective aspiration and need for unity.

#5. Pliable: things are changing very quickly and a lot has already happened that we could never have expected or imagined. It is critical to be ready to respond, regardless of what comes next.

By redefining relevance in this way, in this time, you can position yourself to:

Build loyalty: clients will remember that you were there for them during the most trying times we have ever faced.

Maintain consistency: how you show up, especially during the hard times, makes all the difference. Be the person that your clients can rely on no matter how this situation changes, evolves or extends.

Build confidence: there is great confidence that comes from vulnerability – be human with your clients, while also being a source of comfort and clarity.

First National’s commitment to you:

This is a defining moment for all of us. And we believe that relevance has resonance.

We have been asking you how you are stepping up to be your best. But stepping up is no longer enough.

Today, right now, and for the foreseeable future, the question really is: HOW ARE YOU RISING UP TO BE YOUR BEST?

We are here to help you.

To help you be a 5-P broker.
To help you redefine relevant.
To help you resonate through this crisis and beyond it.

When it’s never been more real than right now, we commit to being relevant for you, so you can be relevant and resonate with your clients:

  • a source of calm in this storm, working together to weather these exceptional circumstances
  • a source of information, providing reliable updates, client service and tools
  • a source of support, doing whatever is required as you support your clients through these uncertain times