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Team Perspectives: Kristina Morrison

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Kristina is the Regional Sales Manager for British Columbia. She reflects on what stood out to her most during these past few months, shares her perspectives on the BC market and explains why perseverance (but not in the way you may think) is the most important aspect of relevance right now.

Reflecting back on the past few months, what stands out to you?

KM: I was so impressed with how people came together. Everyone adjusted really quickly. At First National, we adapted and prioritized getting information to the broker community. And brokers adapted as well, making sure they were providing timely information to clients. Brokers really stepped up to comfort their clients and provide help to anyone that needed it.

What is happening now? Can you provide a sense of the industry in BC?

KM: The province has begun to reopen, and that means different things to different people. So we are adapting again. Some clients are comfortable with face-to-face meetings, so brokers are reconfiguring their offices with plexiglass and sanitizing stations to enable that in-person experience. And they are still offering virtual options to clients that prefer them. We were all forced into certain levels of innovation as a result of the lockdown, which have now become a part of how we do business. So brokers are adapting to the concept of reopening while still offering amazing options digitally.

How is your team mobilizing to support brokers given the current climate?

KM: We want brokers to know that we’re here – to talk, share information, answer questions or help with deals. It’s our regular standard of customer service. But we’re adapting and investing extra effort to ensure that we are consistent and available. We have also been doing numerous webinars and online training about topics of interest to brokers.

What is the most important aspect of relevance right now and how is your team helping brokers be relevant in that way?

KM: For us, it is perseverance – but not in the sense of struggle. It is perseverance in the sense of being proactive and continuing to adapt, innovate and find possibility. We want to keep learning, discovering new tools and refining how we are adjusting. Our office is busy, and our brokers are busy. In this ever-changing environment, we want to make sure that we are always positioned as the people brokers can come to for up-to-date information and advice. If we are supporting and informing them, they can do the same for their clients. 

Any final thoughts?

KM: The energy at First National is really positive overall. We feel like we’ve come through these past few tough months well, and life is slowly getting back to some sense of normal. Overall, we feel good about the future of the industry and the market. This experience has only reinforced my confidence in our great industry and all the people in it. I feel optimistic about what is coming next. We weathered really challenging times, and have come through stronger than ever. I believe our industry and First National will only continue to grow stronger.