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The ABCs of being your best: building relationships and rapport

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The founder and CEO of the well-known clean-up company 1-800-Got Junk?, Brian Scudamore, recently wrote a column in Report on Business promoting the concept of H2H business – Human to Human.

Scudamore makes the point that people-focused businesses – the ones that make an emotional connection with the customer – are destined to do better. He explains that, generally, people do not like to be “sold,” and most are astute enough to know when that is happening. He says the main goal should be building a relationship with the customer and developing rapport.

In the mortgage business, building relationships and rapport is particularly pertinent because it is not a one-and-done proposition. Whether you are dealing with renewals or refinancing, or managing relationships with financial institutions and realtors, there are tremendous opportunities for repeat business.

And it is personal. A home is the biggest, most important and most expensive decision most people will ever make. Rewarding their trust, delivering on your promises and being accountable are important elements of being your best that will keep people coming back to you.

Building trusting, long-term relationships does take time, and it can be a challenge for sales and service people reared with an “Always Be Closing” mentality (often referred to as ABC). Jill Harrington, sales trainer and author of Uncommon Sense, offers a different take on ABC, focused on achieving the goal of a H2H business.  

Always Be Contributing:

Always have a way to add value for the customer beyond price. Each situation is unique. It’s important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes when contemplating how to deliver value and be your best.

Always Be Curious:

A genuine curiosity about the customer can take you past their technical needs and help you gain insight into their wants, desires or concerns – areas where you can be your best by contributing value on their terms.

Always Be Connected:    

Customers are looking for three basic things: an understanding of their world, relevant expertise and the ability to put those two things together for their benefit.  It is that kind of human-to-human connection – accounting for the customer’s point of view in how you provide advice and solutions -- that is fundamental to being your best.