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First National Financial Corporation Announces Election of Board of Directors | 2024

May 2, 2024

Toronto, Ontario, May 2, 2024  – First National Financial Corporation (TSX: FN, TSX: FN.PR.A,TSX: FN.PR.B) (the “Corporation”) is pleased to announce that all of the nominees listed in its March 22, 2024 Management Information Circular were elected as directors of the Corporation at the annual general meeting of shareholders held on May 2, 2024.

The results of the proxy vote for the election of directors are set out below:

Nominees Votes For Percentage of Votes Votes Withheld Percentage of Votes Withheld
Stephen Smith 45,097,849 95.10% 2,323,878 4.90%
Moray Tawse 45,243,808 95.41% 2,177,919 4.59%
Jason Ellis 45,242,987 95.41% 2,178,740 4.59%
Duncan Jackman 44,194,289  93.19%  3,227,438 6.81%
Robert Mitchell 46,364,761 97.77% 1,056,966 2.23%
Barbara Palk 46,067,336 97.14%  1,354,391 2.86%
Robert Pearce 46,593,022 98.25% 828,705 1.75%
Diane Sinhuber 46,719,360 98.52% 702,367 1.48%
Martine Irman 46,589,052 98.24% 832,675 1.76%


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First National Financial Corporation (TSX: FN, TSX: FN.PR.A, TSX: FN.PR.B) is the parent company of First National Financial LP, a Canadian-based originator, underwriter and servicer of predominantly prime residential (single-family and multi-unit) and commercial mortgages. With more than $145 billion in mortgages under administration, First National is one of Canada’s largest non-bank originator and underwriter of mortgages and is among the top three in market share in the mortgage broker distribution channel. For more information, please visit 

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