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Renewing your mortgage

Renew your mortgage in three easy steps

Well before the maturity date on your current term, you will receive your Renewal Agreement in the mail or electronically, via Docusign. Simply review the options and rates. Select and initial the term you prefer. Return your signed agreement via Docusign, fax, email or mail. Done. No complex paperwork. No re-qualifying. No extra fees*.

*Certain products may have applicable fees, review your mortgage documents to determine what product you have

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Predict your monthly mortgage costs by entering how much you want to borrow, the interest rate and the amortization. Submit and get an instant estimate.

Consider your mortgage options

Your situation, both financially and personally, may have changed during your current term. Upon renewal, you have the chance to adjust your mortgage to better suit your current reality. Speak to a mortgage specialist at 1.888.670.2111 or email

Choose your rate

Decide whether you can manage fluctuating payments (adjustable) or prefer more predictability (fixed).

Increase your payments

By choosing higher payment amounts, you can reduce your interest costs and become mortgage free sooner.

Select a shorter term

If you’re intending to sell, a shorter term provides more flexibility to accommodate your plans.

Free up funds

You can choose to refinance at renewal to access funds for other priorities including renovations, debt payments or investments.

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Easy, convenient mortgage management.

Track your mortgage details, review your mortgage account, manage your mortgage payments, update your mortgage account information and more – online, anywhere, at any time.

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