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In the world of pure mortgage lenders, we stand out because of our culture, scale, market reach, responsive service, technology innovations and dedication to creating value for all stakeholders.
Residential and commercial clients AT DECEMBER 31, 2022
Common share dividend increases since 2006
Mortgages under administration at December 31, 2022
Total shareholder return 2006-2022

Performance, it's in our nature

First National strives to deliver great performance by providing a full range of mortgage solutions for customers, growing assets, employing technology and maintaining a conservative risk profile.
2022 Annual Report

An introduction to First National

First National provides commercial and residential mortgages across Canada using a distinct non-bank approach to lending since 1988.

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Our status as a high-yielding, dividend-paying company results from our business model.

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Consistent profitability and dividend growth are byproducts of our efficient use of capital, focus on high-quality mortgages, effective risk management and our entrepreneurial culture.

First National listed on the TSX in 2006 and is a constituent member of S&P’s Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index because of its history of dividend growth.