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What you can expect from your First National mortgage

Congratulations! You have successfully secured a First National mortgage for your dream home. It’s an exciting time, but can also be an anxious one with so much new information to absorb and new responsibilities to handle. As part of our promise to you and your broker, we aim to simplify how you understand and manage your mortgage. We want to make it stress free by ensuring that you always know what to expect and how you can best maximize the valuable features of your First National mortgage.

You've got options

First National offers several prepayment privileges depending on the mortgage product you have
selected that can help you save on interest costs and pay down your mortgage more quickly.

Prepayment privileges

Become mortgage free as soon as a possible by taking advantage of prepayment privileges including annual lump sum payment, double up payment and annual 15% payment increase*.Learn more


First National can pay your taxes on your behalf. We collect your tax payments with your regular mortgage payments and hold the funds in a special tax account. Learn more

Renewing your mortgage

When the time comes, you can renew your First National mortgage in a few simple steps. As you near your term’s end, one of our mortgage professionals will contact you to discuss your renewal options. Learn more

Home Warranty

Cover up to $10,000 annually in eligible home repair costs with the Echelon Home Warranty System Program. The program is complimentary for the first year of your new mortgage term**.Learn more

*Applicable for fixed-rate mortgages only.

** Not available for properties in British Columbia or Quebec.

Stay connected with us

We offer several ways for you to stay connected to our mortgage professionals and informed about the latest developments at First National and in the industry.

  • My Mortgage: 24/7 online mortgage management
  • Annual Statements: an overview of your mortgage details for the past calendar year (you can sign up for electronic statements on My Mortgage)
  • Email updates: regular communications with education, news and industry highlights

Your Welcome Package is the first communication that you can expect to receive from us once you secure your mortgage

It includes two important resources — a reference guide explaining pertinent features of your First National mortgage and
a letter outlining critical mortgage details including:

  • Your mortgage number
  • Your property address
  • Principal balance
  • Interest rate
  • Maturity date
  • First payment date
  • Payment frequency
  • Principal and interest payment
  • Property tax component (if applicable)
my mortgage by First National

Easy, convenient mortgage management.

Track your mortgage details, review your mortgage account, manage your mortgage payments, update your mortgage account information and more – online, anywhere, at any time.

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