First National Financial LP

Why invest in First National?

Investors tell us they choose to own shares in our company because they value our pure focus on Canadian secured mortgage lending, the capital efficiency of our non-bank business model, track record of growing our dividend, the leverage provided by our scale and capabilities as well as our positioning for the future through service excellence and technology leadership.

A strong dividend track record

Since First National became TSX-listed in 2006, we have made it our business to create value for shareholders through rising dividend payments.

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Dividend history over the years

Size and presence

We are one of Canada’s largest non-bank originators and underwriters of residential and commercial mortgages. Our scale, technology and valued partnerships with independent mortgage professionals across the country create operating leverage, while our mortgage servicing and securitization portfolios generate ongoing income and cashflow complemented by our underwriting and fulfillment services for third party institutions.

Competitive advantages

Because we are a pure mortgage lender, we employ subject-matter experts, and purpose-built technology. Through our MERLIN® underwriting system, we were early enablers of anywhere/anytime mortgage broker access to information.

Dividend growth

First National is a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat, a designation given to members of the S&P Canada Broad Market Index that have increased their dividend for five consecutive years and have market capitalizations of at least $300 million.

Conservative portfolio

We invest in the most creditworthy mortgages, approximately 60-70% of which are insured. Approximately 96% of our MUA is funded through sources that result in no residual credit risk to us.

Proven, flexible funding

From institutional placements to a variety of securitization programs, our non-bank funding model delivers reliable, flexible and cost-effective mortgage financing at all times.

Experienced leadership

On average, each member of our leadership team has 20+ years of relevant experience and our co-founders own ~70% of First National shares outstanding. But it is the talented people of First National who make the difference for all stakeholders.

There are three ways to invest with us

Our common shares

S&P/TSX listing under the symbol FN pay a monthly dividend.
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Our preferred shares

S&P/TSX listing under the symbol FN.PR.A and FN.PR.B, pay a quarterly dividend.
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Our corporate bonds

While more difficult to acquire, accredited investors can purchase these fixed-interest rate corporate bonds which mature in November 2024 and November 2025 through their broker. 

Forward-looking information

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First National listed on the TSX in 2006 and is known for consistent profitability and effective risk management.