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Solicitor documents

Required residential documentation to close mortgages for funding

To simplify your experience in working with First National, we wanted to provide solicitors with efficient, easy access to essential closing documents required to close a mortgage with us. You have already received instructions on the required schedules and documents to be used. Please use the following directions below to access and download the required documents for electronic or hard copy filing in the applicable land titles or registry offices.


Have you received a suspicious email from First National? Email communications from First National will always be sent from a domain (; anything else (misspellings, missing letters, other words after the @ sign) should be considered suspicious.

If you receive a suspicious-looking email from First National, please notify us by sending us an email at Do not reply or click on any links. Please attach the suspicious email and delete it from your inbox.

Additional Instructions for Lawyers and Notaries:

  • Click the link for the province to find the applicable documents, schedules and standard charge terms
  • Click on the download link on the required document and select Save Target As; save to a file on your computer Documents supplied on our website are not to be modified in any way
  • All final reports shall be sent to 1.866.325.2563 (fax) or by email to as per the Instructions to Solicitor

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free here. Plain text documents do not require any special software for viewing or printing.

As of November 15, 2023, First National no longer accepts payout statement requests via email or fax. All requests for payout statements will need to be made using FCT’s Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC) portal.

If you already have an LLC account, you can continue to use your existing credentials to send us your payout statement request. If you do not already have an LLC account, click here to enrol.

For assistance or troubleshooting, please contact FCT’s support team at 1.877.929.0990 or

Please note a fee of up to $500.00 will apply to each payout statement processed.