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Transferring a mortgage

Transfer mortgages to First National

For clients looking to make the leap to First National, we offer two mortgage transfer options to accommodate their specific needs.

The no-fee regular transfer option gives clients access to First National’s broad portfolio of mortgage solutions.  The enhanced transfer option is a program designed for clients with insured readvanceable mortgages.


  • Ideal for borrowers looking to switch lenders for broader solutions, more flexibility and service that goes beyond
  • No fees associated with transferring
  • Caps for fees charged by existing lenders of up to $3000 for insured transfers and $3000 for conventional
  • Terms of five years for adjustable and three years (greater available) for fixed
  • Up to 95 per cent loan to value Minimum $75,000 loan amount
  • Minimum 10 year amortization; up to 30 years for conventional and up to 25 years for insured/insurable

Collateral Transfer:

  • Ideal for borrowers with insured readvanceable mortgages that don’t qualify for a traditional refinance (either as a result of refinance maximum of 80 per cent loan to value or because the mortgage is registered as a collateral or running account)
  • Transfer done through a new registration
  • Current insurance remains in place
  • Up to 95% loan to value
  • Terms of five years for adjustable and fixed

Mortgage Solutions

The more options that you have, the more borrowers you can service. Get familiar with our portfolio of mortgage solutions tailored to the needs of today’s changing borrowers.