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Gain insight into costs at each stage of your mortgage

When you secure a mortgage, you are making one of the most important financial commitments of your lifetime. Your commitment to your home won’t change but your priorities can. With ongoing insight, you can make educated decisions and feel financially confident. We’ve created tools to help you gain insight into costs at each stage of your mortgage.

How much can I afford?

Estimate your potential mortgage amount and payments for a realistic picture of what you can afford when buying your dream home.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Get a better idea of your monthly mortgage costs by estimating your potential payments.

Prepayment Calculator

Estimate prepayment charges if you decide, during your mortgage term, to exceed your prepayment privileges or pay out before the maturity date.

Prepayment Worksheet

Calculate your potential prepayment penalty if you choose to prepay more than your privileges allow.

my mortgage by First National

Easy, convenient mortgage management.

Track your mortgage details, review your mortgage account, manage your mortgage payments, update your mortgage account information and more – online, anywhere, at any time.

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