Starting your career


Bright beginnings

How do you want to pave your career path? What motivates you? What do you want to learn? What contribution do you want to make? At First National, we support you in answering those questions and give you every opportunity to find your purpose and turn your aspirations into goals and action.

What do you value in a work environment? What type of culture will keep you engaged in your work, and inspire you to show up as your best self every day?

We asked our people that very question. Consistently we heard the same answers. Learning as a core priority. Working collaboratively for a common goal. Encouraging people to step into their confidence. Ongoing opportunities to grow.



If you’re curious and take initiative, you can consistently build your knowledge and subject matter expertise.

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By working together, we come up with the best ways to solve problems and overcome challenges.

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Grow your confidence on a team that encourages you to take risks, be bold, think big, and trust your capabilities.

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If you want to progress and grow, the opportunities, encouragement and support are always there for you.

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