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What does it take to develop smart risk solutions and stand confidently behind that claim? At First National, the seed of every solution is rooted in our relationship with you and grows from what you faithfully share with us about your goals, dreams and aspirations. Backed by a structure that encourages innovation and a culture that stresses accountability, our advisors are purposeful and decisive in how they deliver performance, value and results.

Explore the financing products that we leverage to develop smart risk solutions for your property.


This type of property typically attracts a more sophisticated buyer as a result of the risk profile and operational complexities.

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As a result of the popularity and widespread availability of multi-family properties, many people rely on this asset class to establish or build their portfolios. Points of appeal include consistent cash flow and reduced management complexity (depending on the size of the asset).

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As a result of the scale of the investment, buyers require more capital and a more sophisticated structure that includes operational expertise.

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There is a lot of variation with industrial use, and the number of tenants is typically small. As a result of the diversity of use and higher risk cash flow, buyers typically require both confidence and experience.

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A retirement home is a multi-residential property designed specifically for senior citizens. While there is a housing element to the property, there is also operational risk. Seniors homes require a high level of business acumen and management expertise.

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A subset of industrial, storage is an attractive asset class for buyers looking for consistent, durable tenants and simplified operations. 

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Student housing

Students units often generate more cash flow based on the number of tenants per unit. However, owners typically balance cash flow advantages with operational complexity and the capital expenditures required to keep the units up to quality.

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A mixed-use asset segregates the property for multiple uses that can include residential, office, retail, industrial, storage and/or retirement. Examples include a retail strip plaza with second floor offices, a retail storefront with apartments above and an industrial warehouse with office space rented separately. 

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Land falls into two categories – held for the long term for future development and purchased for immediate development.

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Performance supported by smart risk solutions

For us, innovation is always a fusion of what clients want to achieve and how we can best use our financing products to help them do that. Review our recent financings to see how First National advisors have delivered performance and value for their borrowers.

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