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Secondary financing for self-storage properties

Secondary financing is an attractive alternative to refinancing as it provides access to property equity that can be used to purchase another asset or renovate/repair an existing property. 

Strong operational history, property quality and location, as well as the borrower’s expertise as an operator and net worth are key considerations for this type of financing. That said, secondary financing is not common but can be considered in the right circumstances. 

Speak to one of our empowered advisors to assess options and determine the best course of action for finding and securing a smart-risk mortgage. 

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Economic and political developments – both in Canada and globally – can impact the commercial real estate market. First National experts follow these trends closely and provide honest, real and professional perspectives into what they could mean for your portfolio.


Smart risk solutions in action for storage

See how we’ve applied our financing products innovatively to help storage borrowers achieve their goals with performance and value.

To refinance the property.

  • $5.1 Million
  • 17,488 sq. ft.
  • Oakville, Ontario
  • Conventional first mortgage
  • 5 years term, 25 years amortization
  • LTV: 66%

To provide construction financing for the development of the multiresidential building.

  • $31 Million
  • 104 units
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • CMHC insured construction to term financing
  • 24 months term for construction/lease period, 10 years thereafter
  • Interest only amortization, 25 years thereafter
  • LTV: 65%

Refinance under the Market Program

  • $6.5 Million
  • 71 units
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • CMHC insured first mortgage
  • 5 year term, 35 years amortization
  • LTV: 64.88%

Funds to be used for capital repairs as well as future acquisitions and new construction of rental properties.

  • $46 Million
  • 135 units
  • Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
  • CMHC insured first mortgage
  • 10 year term, 25 years amortization
  •  LTV: 84.30%

The borrower is refinancing a conventional bridge loan used to purchase the subject property.

  • $27.6 Million
  • 138 units
  • Waterloo, Ontario
  • CMHC insured first mortgage
  • 10 years term, 40 years amortization
  • LTV: 64.60%

Provide financing for the property to complete the construction.

  • $27.2 Million
  • 95 units
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Insured 1st mortgage
  • 24 months term for construction, 5/10 thereafter, Interest only amortization during construction, 40 years thereafter
  • LTV: 93.79%"

To replace the existing land financing with VanCity and to repatriate equity to cover pre-development costs leading up to construction financing.

  • $2.2 Million
  • 87 units
  • Victoria, British Columbia
  • Pre-development financing
  • 1 year term, interest only amortization
  • LTV: 50%"

This is an active developer / investor in the Halifax market who will use the equity towards their next development or acquisition.

  • $13 Million
  • 41 units
  • Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • 10 year term, 50 years amortization
  • MLI Select"

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Standard financing

First National’s standard financing programs are favoured by borrowers who look to acquire a new property or refinance an existing building. Loan terms typically range from three to five years, have a fixed interest rate, and are closed to prepayment for the term’s duration. 

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Bridge financing

First National’s bridge loan terms typically range from three months to three years, include floating interest rates and allow some form of early prepayment. Borrowers choose this solution until standard financing is secured or while they contemplate a property sale or a change in ownership structure or to buy time to complete an operational improvement. 

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Asset repositioning

First National enables owners to access a property’s equity for a short term, typically two years or less, to fund capital improvements or repairs without the need to raise capital from personal sources or less flexible, higher-cost alternatives.

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Development / Construction

A First National construction loan provides funds to cover the cost of building or rehabilitating a property with terms typically of three years or less.

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Economic and political developments – both in Canada and globally – can impact the commercial real estate market. First National experts follow these trends closely and provide honest, real and professional perspectives into what they could mean for your portfolio.