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Mixed use property

A mixed-use asset segregates the property for multiple uses that can include residential, office, retail, industrial, storage and/or retirement. Examples include a retail strip plaza with second floor offices, a retail storefront with apartments above and an industrial warehouse with office space rented separately.

Standard Financing

Standard financing offers a term of five years or more, a fixed interest rate and is typically closed to prepayment for the term’s duration.

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Short-term (bridge) financing

Bridge financing addresses a borrower’s short-term needs, usually three months to three years.

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Repositioning / Renovating

This short-term financing option enables access to a property’s equity for improvements, renovations or repairs, eliminating the need to raise funds from personal sources.

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Secondary financing

Second mortgages are often used to access equity in a property when a borrower wants to purchase another asset or renovate/repair a property.

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Development / Construction

Construction financing is available for condominiums, retail, office, industrial, retirement and purpose-built apartments. 

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Smart risk solutions in action for mixed-use

See how we’ve applied our financing products innovatively to help mixed-use borrowers achieve their goals with performance and value.

A new CMHC insured first mortgage used to refinance the existing mortgage

  • $15.3 Million
  • 179 units
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • CMHC insured first mortgage loan
  • 5 years term, 29 years amortization
  • LTV: 60%

Pari-Passu Mortgage

  • $22.2 Million
  • 240 units
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • CMHC insured first mortgage loan
  • 10 years term, 20 years amortization
  • LTV: 59.7%

Refinance a first and second mortgage

  • $94 Million
  • 176,624 sq. ft.
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Bridge loan/construction takeout financing
  • 2 years term, interest only amortization
  • LTV: 52.7%

Proceeds from this loan will be used to payout the existing First National, CMHC insured first mortgage

  • $7.9 Million
  • 42 units
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • CMHC insured first mortgage loan
  • 5 years term, 35 years amortization
  • LTV:85%

Funds will be used by the borrower to payout the construction debt maturing

  • $85.3 Million
  • 564 units
  • Terrebonne, Quebec
  • CMHC insured first mortgage loan
  • 5 years term, 25 years amortization
  • LTV: 70%

The loan will be used to renovate 24 units over 4 years.

  • $ 7 Million
  • 33 units
  • Victoria, British Columbia
  • Conventional Bridge - A/B structure
  • 2 years term, interest only amortization
  • LTV:74.8%

To finance the acquisition of a residential and commercial portfolio

  • $53.5 Million
  • 435 units
  • London, Ontario

Bridge-to close followed by CMHC loan Bridge:

  • 6 months term, interest only amortization

CMHC loan:

  • 10 years term, 40 years amortization
    LTV: 61.8%"

Internal refinance to proceed with renovations on the building.

  • $7.3 Millon
  • 93 units
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • CMHC insured first mortgage loan
  • 5 years term, 35 years amortization
  • LTV:85%

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