First National Financial LP

First National licenses and registrations


First National maintains, where required, licenses and registrations relevant to its mortgage-related activities across Canada as follows:


British Columbia

Mortgage Broker License No. X028843 with the BC Financial Services Authority



Mortgage Brokerage License with the Real Estate Council of Alberta
Restricted Insurance Agent No. 93-3851780 with the Alberta Insurance Council


Mortgage Broker License with The Manitoba Securities Commission
Restricted Insurance Agent No. RIA-28566-1098 with the Insurance Council of Manitoba



Financing Corporation No. 315739 with the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan
Restricted Insurance Agent No. 05875 with the Insurance Council of Saskatchewan



With the Financial Services Regulatory Authority: Mortgage Brokerage License No. 10514 and Mortgage Administrator License No. 11252



Mortgage Brokerage / Courtage hypothecaire Client No. 3000182169 with Autorité des marchés financiers 


New Brunswick

With the Financial and Consumer Services Commission: Credit Grantor License No. 88565, Mortgage Brokerage License No. 160000329, Mortgage Administrator License No. 160000330 and Restricted Insurance Representative No. 230042212


Nova Scotia

With the Government of Nova Scotia’s business licensing section: Mortgage Brokerage License No. 3000274, Mortgage Administrator License No. 3000272 and Mortgage Lender License No. 3000273


Newfoundland & Labrador

Mortgage Broker License No. 12-07-FI075-1 with Service NL’s Consumer and Financial Services Division



NHA Approved Lender status with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation