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Mortgage solutions

As the types of borrowers, their circumstances and requirements continue to change, it’s important that you can address the broadest spectrum of needs possible. Having a diverse array of mortgage solutions, flexible payment options and value added features helps you own the moment for more borrowers – enabling you to expand your reach and fulfill more real estate dreams.

Our mortgage solutions include:

  • A five-year fixed rate mortgage with great value and options
  • A short-term mortgage for buyers needing flexibility
  • Two options designed for self-employed home buyers and contract workers
  • A mortgage alternative for buyers looking to purchase one to four unit rental properties
  • Transfer programs
  • Home improvement programs
  • Alternative lending

Every First National client can expect:

  • Fixed or adjustable rate terms
  • Flexible payment options
  • Diverse prepayment options (lump sum, double up and payment increase of up to 15%)
  • Flexibility for life or employment circumstances
  • Insurance solutions including home warranty and mortgage security

Transferring a mortgage

For clients looking to make the leap to First National, we offer two mortgage transfer options to accommodate their specific needs.

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Home improvements

Often times, buyers fall in love with a home because of what it can be, more than what it is at the time of purchase. It’s not uncommon for buyers to want to make a space more in tune with their tastes, styles and lifestyles.

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Self-employed & contract buyers

Not everyone works in a traditional way. At First National, we believe that every one of your clients should be able to achieve their real estate goals, regardless of how they choose to work.

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Buying a rental or investment property

Several of your smaller investor clients may be looking for mortgage solutions that can help them purchase or refinance an investment property. First National’s Rental Program can help.

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Home Warranty & Mortgage Life Insurance

We offer two product solutions – one to help protect your client's home and one to help protect your client's family in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

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Your team of champions

Nobody understands what it takes to help you be your best more than our Managers of Business Development. They talk to brokers every day, deal with challenges, find solutions and facilitate opportunities. While each Manager of Business Development delivers value in a unique way, being your champion is a shared commitment across our entire team.

Whether you are pursuing growth, delivering service or supporting clients, you always have someone in your corner, dedicated to helping you be your best.

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