Solutions for buyers to help them realize their financing needs

There are many different types of buyers with many different types of financing needs. First National tries to satisfy every eligible buyer and support every dream, with a portfolio of mortgage solutions, diverse payment options and great value.

Our mortgage solutions include:

  • A five-year fixed rate mortgage with great value and options
  • A short-term mortgage for buyers needing flexibility
  • Two options designed for self-employed home buyers and contract workers
  • A mortgage alternative for buyers looking to purchase one to four unit rental properties
  • Transfer programs
  • Home improvement programs
  • Alternative lending

Regardless of the type of buyer, the real estate goal and the preferred mortgage solution, every First National client can expect:

  • Fixed or adjustable rate terms
  • Flexible payment options
  • Diverse prepayment options (lump sum, double up and payment increase of up to 15%)
  • Flexibility for life or employment circumstances
  • Insurance solutions including home warranty and mortgage security