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You’ve decided to buy a home, and now it’s time to choose your mortgage. There is a lot to consider in addition to getting a great rate. A mortgage broker knows the industry and can present personalized mortgage options, provide targeted advice and support you through the process so it’s simpler, stress free and suits your financial situation.

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Knowledgeable Professionals

Mortgage brokers require licenses to operate in each province, and industry associations uphold standards of conduct, promote ongoing professional development and provide continuous market education.

Mortgage Options

With access to a wide variety of mortgage options and lenders, mortgage brokers can make personalized recommendations guided by your priorities, financial reality and future goals.

Reputable Experience

According to Mortgage Professionals Canada, mortgage brokers originate more than 35% of all mortgages in Canada, with 55% attributed to first-time buyers.

For more than three decades, First National has remained committed to the growth, development and value of the broker channel.

Canadian homebuyers access our mortgages exclusively through mortgage brokers and trust them to provide knowledge, advice and assistance in navigating the mortgage process.

When choosing a mortgage broker, it is important to find someone that you trust implicitly, has a proven track record and delivers quick response. You can use the following questions when evaluating whether a mortgage broker is the right fit for you:

  • What do you do specifically to help me secure a home?
  • What mortgage options do you have available, and how do you determine the right one for me?
  • What responsibilities do you take on once we start working together?
  • How do you typically interact with the lender during the mortgage process?
  • How do you get paid?
  • How long have you been working in the industry?
  • Do you have a web site? References? Marketing materials?
  • Can you walk me through the mortgage process step by step?
  • What do I have to provide to make the process quick and simple?
  • What are the typical roadblocks or obstacles?
  • How long does it take? Will I meet all the necessary deadlines?


The latest rates that First National offers for qualified residential mortgages.


Rates are for single-family residential mortgages.

Actual rates may vary. Please contact First National toll-free at 1.888.670.2111, send us a message through your My Mortgage account or speak with your mortgage broker for further information.

Rates are subject to change without notice.
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