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Multi-family residential

A multi-family residential property is a building with five or more residential units. Some examples include an apartment building, townhouse or row house.


A retail asset is a space where the public comes to purchase a product or a service. Examples include grocery store, department store, bank, restaurant and more. 


An office building is a property where tenants rent out space to conduct business. Examples include single-tenant properties, small professional buildings or large skyscrapers.


An industrial asset can span real estate operations including warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and logistics. 

Condo inventory

Condo refers to condominium units, which are registered separately (stratified) and available for sale individually. Retail, office and industrial properties can also fall under this definition.

Seniors housing

A retirement home is a multi-residence property designed specifically for senior citizens. 


Land falls into two categories – held for the long term for future development and purchased for immediate development.

Mixed-use property

A mixed-use asset segregates the property for multiple uses that can include residential, office, retail, industrial, storage and/or retirement. 

Other properties

The most common alternative assets can include student housing, hotels, storage lockers, gas stations, hospitality and manufactured home communities.

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