Chloe Cubric learns the art of fast thinking on her journey from Intern to Associate Mortgage Underwriter

First National Financial LP Jul 10, 2023   mins

Chloe joined our internship program in residential funding in the summer of her 4th year at Western University where she was studying criminology and sociology.

First National is one of many companies that offer paid internships to students hoping to enter the financial services industry. But it is the only company that employs Chloe Cubric.

Chloe joined our internship program in residential funding in the summer of her 4th year at Western University where she was studying criminology and sociology.  Unlike some of our interns, Chloe had a close personal connection to mortgage financing. Her father worked in the industry and she was always curious to know what it was like. That curiosity led her apply to First National “in hopes that I could expand my knowledge.”

After the internship ended, Chloe found herself wanting to learn more about what it took to be a mortgage funder on a full-time basis. With the experience of that summer behind her, she had a fix on a permanent position which she landed, first as a Funder and more recently – after a well-deserved promotion – as an Associate Mortgage Underwriter.

Learning and teamwork: Key pillars of success

Like First National, Chloe is values driven. “I believe that respect and learning how to be a problem-solver were the values that were most prominent in my experience as a First National intern, and I have definitely carried these values with me into my full-time work.”

When it comes to training in a new workplace, Chloe feels it’s important to learn how to think fast and use problem-solving skills “to get any challenges you may come across solved as soon as possible.” At First National, Chloe has found the culture very supportive of learning to the point that whenever she feels unsure even now as an experienced even now as an experienced member of the team, she is quick to reach out to coworkers. “Someone within my team always helps me to figure out what I need. And I always make sure to lend a helping hand whenever someone reaches out to me as well. Knowing that your teammates have your back and that you have theirs makes everyone extremely determined to do their best and to lift each other up.”

Learning comes from doing for Chloe, but also from interacting with many different First National people in various departments during frequent company gatherings. “I learn a lot through these meetings, as they are usually led by people outside of my team or department, which I enjoy because it helps me expand my knowledge. As well, I’ve also gotten the opportunity to connect with others outside the organization by working on mortgage files.”

Chloe believes her determination and willingness to learn have enabled her to grow personally and professionally as part of our team. “I feel as though the culture at First National and the company itself continues to grow everyday by hiring wonderful new people in various departments who get to learn and practice the values that First National preaches, all while bringing along their hard work and intelligence.” 

For those thinking of applying for or who are already participating in our internship program, Chloe’s story of progress serves as an example of what is possible with First National’s help.

If you would like to speak to Chloe about her experiences, she can be reached at You can learn more about First National’s internship program on our website.


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