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Team Gidney and Barda

Action and strategy. Charisma and resourcefulness. Intensity and stealth.

As a team, we thrive on challenge. The bigger the challenge, the deeper our passion. We relish the complicated deals that require expertise, ingenuity and inventiveness. Barry Gidney is a relentless connector, always proactively reaching out and looking to make deals happen for clients. He personifies energy, drive and originality and harnesses those qualities to benefit his clients. As a property owner, he brings a unique perspective to client relationships and has a commonality of experience that makes a difference.  Ilan Barda is an advisor and a relentless decipherer, finding solutions to tough situations that elude others.  He proactively establishes relationships, developing a deep understanding of his clients’ needs to deliver unique strategies to maximize value for his clients. Together, Barry and Ilan bring a unique combination of boldness and vision, action and strategy, charisma and resourcefulness. It’s that textured balance that enables them to go deep with clients and get deals done right.