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Top Five Stories

First National’s top five stories of Q1

First National’s Resources & Insight Centre is your source for Canadian commercial real estate financing and capital market news and commentary. In the first quarter of 2021, these were the Centre’s most popular stories based on total viewership. 

Cap Rates v2

Welcome to 2021 and new beginnings with First National discusses an important addition to our financing portfolio – our Core Conventional Term Loan program – and reported on a little-used but financially attractive CMHC Energy Efficiency Refund opportunity. 


Key takeaways from First National’s commercial insurance briefing from March 16, 2021 provides actionable advice for apartment owners facing punishing increases in property insurance premiums and challenges securing coverage in today’s “hard” market. 

Mitigate rising bond yields with First National’s hedging program written by key Resources & Insight Centre contributor Neil Silverberg, our Senior Analyst, Capital Markets explores recent upward  trends in bond yields and what they mean for borrowers. 
Market Commentary: What’s happened in 2021 so far was published by Neil Silverberg just two weeks into the new year and did a great job of capturing the highlights of changes in the CMB market and key economic KPIs.  
Bank of Canada holds benchmark rate steady, updates economic outlook summarizes the central bank’s first policy announcement of 2021 including its thoughts on the state of the Canadian economy including its expectations for GDP growth and inflation in Q1. 


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