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First National’s five most popular stories of 2023

First National’s Resources & Insight Centre is a platform for capital market and commercial real estate news and commentary created by our empowered advisors. Here are five stories that captured the most attention this quarter.

Cap Rates v2

SVB volatility and rates published on March 13, 2023 by Paul Uffelmann on our capital markets team was the most referenced article of the year and for good reason: it chronicled the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and its economic aftermath. 

Higher for longer again? from May 24, 2023 also from contributor Paul Uffelmann discussed the challenge of predicting interest rate movements against a backdrop of market worry over the health of the U.S. banking sector and a recent reacceleration of inflation.

Rates up, CMB up? from September 27, 2023 reported on benchmark bond yields and news out of Ottawa that the Government of Canada intended to increase the size of the Canada Mortgage Bond program, a positive development for multi-unit rental property owners. 

CMB survives from November 22, 2023 was published following the Government of Canada’s fall Economic Statement which put an end to speculation that the Canada Mortgage Bond program would be eliminated. 

Peak rates from November 3, 2023 spoke to a dramatic shift in market expectations of future interest rate movements due to higher than anticipated unemployment rates in both Canada and the United States which, at the time of publication, caused the yield on 5-year Government of Canada bonds to decline to 3.8% from 4.3% just two weeks earlier.

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